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Description: it is my workroom new design. This is 100% Quality Guarantee pearl necklace. The pearls are lustrous, smooth surface and in high quality. i starting so low price, i believe best item can sell right price!! All photos are of the actual item up for auction. I do not use stock photos. Color: see picture size: 10-11mm length: 22"-24" metal: seashell clasp style: noblest Packing: Beautiful Silk Pouch Please beaware that there are some dishonest sellers recently. They stole my pictures and use my web hosting. But the quality are much poorer than mine. If you meet this situation by any chance, please beware of the swindlers!!!!   shipping: Shipping to: Worldwide. free by air(15-20days business day) ( Recommend ) If you choice other shipping way, please let me know. i can do my best for you. * You may combine purchases for a shipping discount inside of any Two weeks period. be shipped within 2 business day (except Sat. and Sun. or holiday) payment: You can pay via Bank Debit/Credit Card. The processing time is 2 days. Please contract me if you would like to pay by Bank Debit/Credit Card. Thank you! PayPal Instant. Return policy: No question will be asked, If you are not satisfied with the merchandises, just mail it back in 30 days , you can get wholly refund (not include the returning shipping fee). contact: I am a reputable jeweler in China and I make, each jewelry individually and strive for uniqeness.

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